Working paper

The Equilibrium Effects of Workers’ Outside Employment Options: Evidence from a Labor Market Integration. pdf

I study a reform that eased cross-border commuting from France to the high-wage Swiss labor market. Using a difference-in-difference strategy comparing French border labor markets with unaffected inland markets, I find: French wages increase among mid- and low-skill workers; French employment does not decline overall and increases among low-skill workers; population, labor force participation and unemployment rise in France. I interpret the effects with an equilibrium search model where labor demand and supply are endogenous: The reform increased the value of local job search, drawing more workers into the labor force and lowering labor market tightness.

--A revised version of a previous draft called "Labor Market Competition, Wages and Worker Mobility".

Work in progress

The role of worker preferences and employer differentiation for wage-setting.

Childbearing and the gender career gap among scientists.